Common Service Troubleshooting

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Common Causes

1. Oil Buildup

You’ve probably heard your doctor say to avoid greasy foods that can clog your arteries. Believe it or not, your plumbing system works the same way. If you’ve accidentally spilled oil down the drain, it will accumulate in your pipes and eventually clog them. This blockage can be difficult to fix without professional help.

2. Tree Roots

Sometimes, the clog isn’t even in your own plumbing system—it’s in the sewer system outside. Tree roots are so powerful that they can grow into pipes and block liquid from flowing through. This problem is virtually impossible to fix without help from a reputable sewer and drain service.

3. Old Pipes

In older buildings, pipes are often made from materials that clog and corrode more easily than newer materials. After removing a blockage, it may be worth the investment to install replacement pipes. 

4. Hair 

Hair easily escapes into the drain when you shower. Unfortunately, it doesn’t break down, so if it gets stuck in your drain, it will cause a stubborn clog that warrants professional attention.

5. Food

Similarly, food particles can slip down drains when you’re doing the dishes. Over time, these bits will clog your pipes. Often, the clog is too deep to reach on your own.

When you have a substantial clog, your best bet is to hire a professional sewer and drain service company. Without their help, you run the risk of damaging your pipes.

Gas lines Importance

Your plumbing system is not only the water flowing through your pipes. That’s only half the story! The natural gas that you use to power your appliances and heat your home is also a part of your plumbing system – one that needs to be carefully maintained!

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in your home. The gas company will add a “rotten egg” smell to the natural gas going into your home, so if you smell it, get out immediately and call 911. Once the gas has been shut off and the emergency has passed, call Oakland Rooter.